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    Masteemaza Forum Rules


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    Masteemaza Forum Rules

    Post  Sam on Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:43 pm

    Masteemaza Forum Rules are hereby -
    1.No Advertising
    2.No Spamming
    3.No Bad Language
    4.Say a thanks in the thread if you download something good to encourage poster
    5.Help out the new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
    6.All links to other sites must be coded. No live links allowed except for links to internal pages.
    7.Make sure your downloads links works when you post them. Dead links are counted as spam and you will be warned.
    8.Take care in quality of post, if it's unorganized or in a total mess the post will be deleted.
    9.Please post a description and an image with your download.
    10.Search the forum for your wanted stuff before you request

    Masteemaza Admin.

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